Jun 23, 2023

Guru Apps Bundle

a case of boldness and creativity

Universe team

How could you tell briefly about applications used by 50 million users worldwide?

One could start like a presentation from famous companies: "Boldness. Creativity. Innovation. All of this is embodied in our team and our Guru Apps bundle"... And so on, you get the idea :)

But the best for the applications is when they speak for themselves. After all, boldness is about turning the most challenging tasks into opportunities and achieving great results.

And that's exactly what we've experienced with our key utilities: the mobile scanner Scan Guru, the translation app Translator Guru, and the iPhone memory cleaner app Cleaner Guru.

Scan Guru became the first product in the Guru Apps bundle. It is a document scanner for iOS, currently holding the top position in 55 countries worldwide.

Would this have happened if we didn't dare to "displace" outdated and inconvenient monopolistic scanner apps in the mobile market? 

We created a service that transformed phones into powerful scanners and inspired courage in our users to act. With Scan Guru, you can convert handwritten text into editable digital format. Additionally, you can scan, edit, sign, and share any documents in PDF or JPEG format. The scanner works without an internet connection and provides snapshot protection using Touch/Face ID or a PIN code.

But the Universe doesn't stop at one success and keeps moving forward. Translator Guru became the new challenge for our team.

If Scan Guru was designed for more experienced users who work extensively with documents, Translator Guru became an app for anyone with a smartphone. It is an online translator with over 100 languages that performs translations using text, voice, and camera.

The broad target audience posed challenges for both the technical team and marketers: communicating with diverse users and capturing their interest. The app stands out with its range of features and stylish appearance, featuring concise black and yellow colors (while most competitors were white and blue).

Moreover, Translator Guru was one of the first apps on the market to receive a Chinese keyboard, giving access to millions of Chinese users.

And with Cleaner Guru, the third application in our bundle, we applied a creative approach by combining it with personal insights. Every smartphone owner knows how quickly memory fills up, requiring constant cleaning to ensure proper device functionality.

Cleaner Guru has earned its place in the market thanks to its maximum simplicity. It has become a favorite among young iPhone owners due to its modern design and neon colors.

Last year, we provided free access to two utilities, Scan Guru and Translator Guru, for courageous Ukrainians.

In challenging times, people were able to fulfill their needs with the help of these apps. Scan Guru could operate in shelters, basements, and bomb shelters without an internet connection. Users, including volunteers, spent 38 seconds using the app for personal needs (compared to 7 minutes for a portable scanner).

The Guru Apps bundle team takes pride in creating innovative and creative mobile apps that change people's lives. We support our developers by providing all the necessary resources and opportunities for growth. Here, they can work on exciting and complex projects, collaborate with talented professionals, and test any wild idea until they find the optimal model that resonates with every user.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of turning the most difficult tasks into opportunities? In the Universe team, we believe the best ideas are born from brave and creative developers who are never afraid to move forward.

Join the Guru Apps utility team — a world where boldness and creativity change the mobile app market.

Be with us, become our Universe!

Send CV or contact us at hello@uni.tech

For product-related questions — support@uni.tech

Be with us, become our Universe!

Send CV or contact us at hello@uni.tech

For product-related questions — support@uni.tech

Be with us, become our Universe!

Send CV or contact us at hello@uni.tech

For product-related questions — support@uni.tech