Jun 23, 2023

5 values that unite Universe

Universe team

Knowing what happens behind product companies' doors and how they create successful products and teams is always interesting. And most importantly, how they allow their teams to develop and be part of something bigger.

In the first article of our corporate blog, we will talk about the 5 values of our team and their impact on our processes, work, and products. These values have become part of our culture, bringing together different people with their tastes, experiences, and approaches into one team. Thanks to them, we can fulfill our mission and create an ecosystem of applications and platforms that improve people's quality of life worldwide.

We are engaged and proactive. We deeply immerse ourselves in processes and offer ideas, even when they go beyond our area of expertise. We quickly overcome obstacles to reach the ultimate goal. We care about the company's well-being, and we ourselves drive improvements in the business.

Focus on results
We are result-oriented and strive to achieve the best possible outcome. We don't focus on the process for the sake of the process. We set ambitious goals and always aim for what has already been achieved.

We openly discuss the company's results, achievements, and failures. We foster honest communication and share constructive feedback to become better every day.

We adapt quickly to new business realities. If necessary, we change processes and approaches for the best possible result. We take up challenges as opportunities for growth and test all hypotheses.

We are one team. We are cohesive and communicative. We always help each other and share our experiences.

These values are not just written on paper; they reflect our approach to work, communication with company friends, employees, and users. They serve as our guiding principles because we strive to simplify their lives and provide access to cutting-edge technologies.

How do Universe employees apply these values in their work?

We use them in all areas of our activities. In recruitment, they serve as a compass, helping us to find the right people. First and foremost, we pay attention to proactivity. For us, it means being engaged and proactive, offering ideas, and overcoming obstacles. In Universe, I believe in the power of personal initiative, and together with my colleagues, we support our employees in identifying and implementing innovative solutions.

Kateryna Hontaruk, HR Business Partner

Everything we do has a clear goal-oriented approach. We set ambitious goals for ourselves. For example, our OKRs are always higher than what we can achieve because we want to do something more. Our team doesn't focus on the process for the sake of the process (working technically and being free); we are always results-oriented and never settle for what has already been achieved.

Dmytro Kanievskyi, Head of Product

What impressed me from the first meetings of my project is openness. Everyone openly highlights where there's a wow effect and where there are mistakes. Everyone can share their thoughts and ideas here and receive constructive feedback. This greatly stimulates my personal and professional development.

Vira Bihanovska, Graphic Brand Designer

Being flexible is the value that I share, specifically about Ukrainians. In our work, we see how the business adapts to new challenges every day, how new needs constantly arise. In such conditions, we provide our employees with opportunities for growth and change, contributing to their development and adaptation to new challenges.

Yulia Hromylo, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Unity means all for one and one for all. In our approach, there is no 'mine' or 'yours'; there is only a common goal and result. Thanks to this, we achieve the highest efficiency and work as a whole. For example, the technical team always collaborates with the marketing and product teams, which is more than just a 'customer-executor' relationship. Such involvement in related fields makes us more effective and makes decisions much faster.

Yurii Mokrushyn, CTO

Universe is a place where values become a reality. Join our team and create world-changing products together with us!

Be with us, become our Universe!

Send CV or contact us at hello@uni.tech

For product-related questions — support@uni.tech

Be with us, become our Universe!

Send CV or contact us at hello@uni.tech

For product-related questions — support@uni.tech

Be with us, become our Universe!

Send CV or contact us at hello@uni.tech

For product-related questions — support@uni.tech